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Family Syrphidae (Hoverflies)

Helophilus pendulus on Field Scabious at Boddington Meadow

Sericomyia lappona, a hoverfly, Speyside, Scotland

Myathopa florea a common woodland hoverfly breeding in rot holes in trees. Its larvae are of the "rat-tailed maggot" type.

Eristalis nemorum, hoverflies (Family Syrphidae). Male mate-guarding by hovering over female.

 Volucella inanis, Hoverfly

Family Stratiomyidae (Soldierflies)
Stratiomys potamida, Soldierfly (Family Stratiomyidae) photo by Hils Erenler

Family Tachinidae (Parasitic Flies)
 Eriothrix rufomaculata, parasitic fly (Family Tachinidae)

 Tachina fera, parasitic fly (Family Tachinidae)

Phasia hemiptera, parasitic fly (Family Tachinidae)

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