Tuesday, 6 November 2012

VC32 Diptera Group Newsletter

As the field season is pretty well over, I am trying to catch up with identification of flies that I put aside earlier in the year when the lure of fieldwork was greater than my capacity to process the catch. I am also starting to receive records from other group members and would like to get them all processed early in the new year. I then hope to produce the next newsletter in January. Any articles or photos for the newsletter or indeed this blog are most welcome.

I have added a tab to the blog that will take you to the group's newsletters. I have only added the latest, number 12, as there is not an easy process to move the newsletter onto the blog - you have to cut and paste the text, then insert the photos and then edit the text for headers, spacing etc.. I shall, however, add future newsletters.

I am looking forward to the Dipterists Forum Members Day and AGM at Bristol Museum on 24th November, not least because our own Jolyon Alderman will be giving a talk, entitled "Off the beaten track: a season of swarm chasing".  The Dipterists Forum website has more details.

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