Thursday, 7 November 2013

Early November 2013

Although it is getting colder and wetter there have been some fine sunny intervals and in sheltered spots there are still plenty of diptera about. I was looking at some flowering ivy at the edge of Rothwell on Monday and it was covered in flies. These were mainly muscids and calliphorids but a few hoverflies were present: Eristalis pertinax, E. tenax and a Syrphus species. There were several Mesembrina meridiana there too. Here are some photos.

Eristalis tenax

Eristalis pertinax

Mesembrina meridiana

In my own garden the ivy has not flowered but I do have a plant of the ivy x Fatsia hybrid Fatshedera. This does produce ivy-like flowers, which start to open in early November. It provides an extension to the nectar season. On Monday Episyrphus balteatus was visiting it. Today only common wasps seem to be around.

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